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FARSEEING – FAll Repository for the design of Smart and sElf-adaptive Environments prolonging INdependent living (FP7-ICT)

FARSEEING aims to promote better prediction, prevention and support of older persons, by long-term analysis of behavioural and physiological data collected using Smartphones, wearable and environmental sensors: leading to self-adaptive responses. FARSEEING aims to build the world’s largest fall repository of real life falls data.

Started: January 2012.

Giraff+ – Combing social interaction and long term monitoring for promoting independent living (FP7-ICT)

GiraffPlusLogoThe Giraff+ project is developing a system consisting of a network of home sensors that measure (e.g. blood pressure, temperature) or detect (e.g. falls or movement inside a room) mobility in older people. The data from these sensors are interpreted by an intelligent system in terms of activities (e.g. the person is going to bed, the person is tired or well rested). These activities can then trigger alarms or reminders to the person or his/her caregivers, or be analysed over time by a health professional. There is also a telepresence robot, the Giraff, which can be moved around in the home by somebody connected to it over internet.

Started: January 2012