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Welcome to the EU Falls Prevention portal. Learn more about current EU funded and previous EU funded projects and networks that focus on Falls Prevention in older people. This homepage highlights the four main current falls prevention Europe-wide Networks.

The Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination (ProFouND) is an EU funded Thematic Network dedicated to bring about the dissemination and implementation of best practice in falls prevention across Europe. It aims to roll out evidence based strength and balance exercise to prevent falls by training a cadre of cascade trainers as well as produce a simple online application that allows a tailored and individualised to be printed for an older person after a falls risk assessment (PFPApp).

The main goal of E-NO FALLS EU funded Thematic Network is to integrate and bring together knowledge, experiences and best practice in ICT based falls prevention, intervention and safety. The aim is to coordinate ongoing activities and creating the necessary conditions, action plans, standards and specifications to ensure the widest future replication and co-deployment of innovative ICT-based solutions.

The pilot European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) aims to increase the average healthy lifespan in the EU by 2 years by 2020 and covers a broad range of topics. There is a Falls Prevention specific Action Group A2.

ProFaNE.co is a follow on community project run by some of the members of the original EC FP5 ProFaNE.eu.org project that provides a news service, in-depth articles for Falls Prevention professionals, a discussion forum and other related services.

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This falls prevention portal is partially funded by the European Commission under the Seventh (FP7: 2007-2013) Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the European Union.